Repair Policies

Standard Turnaround

Typical turnaround for repair items is 10 working days. We will make every effort to repair the item within the standard time period.

Rush Repairs

At Precision Electronic Services, Inc., we understand the high cost associated with equipment downtime. For this reason, we provide a rush repair service to accommodate your needs. For a fee of 25% (minimum $75.00), PES will give your item priority over all normal repair work throughout the entire repair process. In many cases, we are able to complete these jobs in 24-48 hours.

Emergency Repairs

If, at your request, your repair requires us to work beyond normal business hours, you will be charged the overtime shop rate (or field service rate, if applicable) for the amount of time a technician is involved with the repair. This charge will apply whether or not the item is repaired. If the normal repair price exceeds this minimum charge, the normal repair charge will apply with additional charges for after-hours service.


Precision Electronic Services (PES) regards warranty repairs as a top priority. Our comprehensive warranty policy, 18 MONTHS ON ALL REPAIRS, is among the best in the industry. During the warranty period PES will repair the unit if it fails in normal operation due to defective workmanship or parts. This warranty will not apply to items that fail due to misapplication, including, but not limited to, improper operation, storage, handling or installation; negligence, abnormal temperature, moisture, dirt or corrosive conditions, cannibalized parts or an act of God. The aforegoing is in lieu of any other warranty or guarantee expressed or implied, and we are not responsible for any expense (including installation and removal), inconvenience, or consequential damage, including injury to any person, caused by the unit we repair. In any event PES’ liability, under all circumstances, shall not exceed the cost of the original repair. Warranty periods on items repaired by our established outside sources may vary. You will be contacted for your approval if this is the case.

Return Shipping

Before we ship, all repaired items are placed in anti-static bags, if applicable, and carefully packed to UPS specifications. A documented quality report and warranty statement is sent with each item.

Return freight will normally be prepaid and added to the invoice. We will ship the best way, as determined by us, unless a specific carrier and priority is determined previously by the customer.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges, regardless of repairability or warranty status.


We provide free evaluation and price quotes for all in house repairs. All items are evaluated in order to determine the actual repair price prior to the quote being issued to the customer.

In a small percentage of repairs, we find it necessary to use our established outside sources for repair. In these cases it is sometimes necessary to impose an evaluation fee to cover the extra expenses of having the outside source evaluate your item. If we find an evaluation fee to be necessary, we will notify you for your approval.

Payment Terms & Credit Policy

Once a repair quote is approved, we will establish payment terms. Our standard payment terms on approved accounts are NET 30 days from the date of invoice. A 1-1/2% finance charge will be assessed monthly on unpaid invoices after 30 days. To apply for a net 30 account, please fill out a credit application. Credit approval typically takes three working days. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express. To download our Credit Application, click here.