DPC 7000 Series

The DPC7000 series intelligent valve positioner is a richly functional and new generation of positioning device of control valve, which is richly functional and mounted in the linear or rotary stroke pneumatic actuator. It has innovative industrial design, modular internal structure, advanced and reliable controlling technologies and incomparable price performance, so it is widely used in the petroleum, chemical, pow- er, metallurgy, and light industry and so on fields of automatic control systems, and also enjoys a high reputation.

DPC7000 is a kind of intelligent electric/pneumatic valve positoner on the basis of microprocessor technology; therefore, it can well overcome the friction and the unbalanced force on the spool. We can improve the response speed of valve, and make a fast and accurate position. Not only it can take place of the traditional electric/pneumatic valve positioner, but also it can be connected directly to the HART protocol network, and make it possible to exchange the information between the field parameter setting and the controlling system of PC computer. 

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