About Us

PES was founded in 1985. Our service facility is located at the Pittsylvania County Industrial Park near Danville, VA. We specialize in repairing AC & DC drives, Servo Motors, HMI Panels, and industrial electronic controls. We believe it should not be necessary to purchase new and expensive replacement controls every time a unit fails, when a control can typically be repaired for a fraction of its replacement cost. Thus, our mission is to extend and maximize the life of your existing controls, and thereby help you save time and money.

At Precision Electronic Services, we have been providing quality industrial repairs of DC and AC Drives for 30 years. Fast Service, Low Prices and Reliable Repairs have built our reputation as an Industry Leader.

Our Technicians

Our Technicians possess a vast amount of training and experience to ensure your control receives the highest quality repair. In additional to technical degrees, our technicians also receive factory training from many of the world’s leading drive and controls manufacturers.

Our Staff

Our staff will provide you service which is both professional and personal. We take pride in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Equipment

Our equipment allows us to properly test your repaired control under load, in conditions that simulate the real world applications in which they operate. Much of this equipment has been engineered and manufactured in-house to ensure your control is fully tested to provide you with many more years of reliable service.

Our Parts Inventory

Our parts inventory is extensive. This eliminates long delays for obtaining parts from outside sources, thereby enabling us to get your control repaired as quickly as possible.

Doing Business With Precision Electronic Services

Repair Policies

We pride ourselves in providing the very best customer service in the industry, and want to assure that working with us is a simple and transparent process.  To learn about our Repair Policies, follow this link.

Packing Your Device for Shipment

Ensuring that your device arives at our facility without being damaged in transit is of paramount importance.  To help you safely package your device for shipment, we have put together the guide which you will find here.